Veer Constructions is helping homeowners in Melbourne with exclusive artificial and natural turf services to build their landscape design dreams. We have been in this business for a long and serving our clients with the best building materials when it comes to beautifying landscape.

“TURF” installation is something that can really transform the look of your garden space. Either natural or artificial, turf is the essence of a beautiful landscape. Nowadays people prefer installing artificial turfs inside the home as well.

So, let us explore how natural or artificial turf can be used.

Easy to maintain :

If you are working all day and do not have time to maintain your residential lawn then yes, artificial turf is the best solution. So, go for artificial turf if you want an all-year green look of your landscape. Natural turf is the best fit if you can spare time and a little extra amount for the maintenance of your garden area.

Creative Landscape Lawn Designs:

Our landscape designers can create a dream yard for you i.e., the creative landscape designs, we add the necessary elements like rocks and sand for the perfect touch. If you are planning for yard art, then artificial turf is the best. It can be installed according to the area available between the elements you add. And, for a pre-planned landscape, you can always go for natural turf because the natural grass will take time to grow to the size you want. 

Eliminate Chemicals from your landscaping design:

Artificial or synthetic turf has a lot of advantages, if you want to keep your garden away from fertilizers and pesticides than artificial turf is your savior for your landscaping design. It also supports you if you go green and want to save water. And if you are a fan of natural grass then be practical and get a pack of pesticides and fertilizers for protecting the beauty of your garden.

Perfect match for the landscape borders:

Maintaining the borders of your landscape is not an easy task. It is the area which is most prone to getting untidy. Artificial turf protects against the weeds in the landscape borders. Also, artificial turf does not grow so no need to worry about the upkeep of the corners. If you have a simple garden design with concrete borders, then natural grass is a thumbs up.

Reduce your spending on the lawn:

Synthetic grass will allow you to save money over time with the expenses of conservation. It is mostly a one-time investment when you install the turf. Instead, you can use your resources to beautify your live plants. And for the natural grass, it has its beauty and requires more bugs to spend on it.

If you are planning to install turf, consider your priorities, and then make a choice. In the end, it is you who will invest time to maintain the look of your yard forever!