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Best Garden Expert

How to choose the best Landscape experts for your Garden?

Who doesn’t love to have a beautiful landscape in their yard? Stepping out in your well-maintained garden landscape is always exciting and refreshing! If you are thinking of revamping your landscape or installing a fresh one, Veer Constructions can be a great match, creating a fascinating landscape for you is the reason for our continuance.

Choosing the correct design requires careful attention and it is always a better choice to walk up to a garden expert before you start to create the magical vibes in your yard! 

Here are some tips you can consider before you choose the expert to mark a difference in your garden:

Decide, what do you want your landscape to look like?

Before you shortlist the landscaping companies around you, get a clearer vision of what you exactly want to include in your landscape. Either it is the water features, concrete pathway, fencing, pergolas or a bunch of different plants and flowers. Just the way you vision! 

Our garden experts are well versed with the new designs, so you can buzz us anytime without hesitation.

Peep in the companies completed projects:

Yes, this is a smart step you can take before you choose the best landscape expert for shaping your garden. Just log in to the company’s website and check the work they have done in the past, if it is somewhere near your expectations then bingo, you have found it! 

Building materials & the quality, do matter:  

Keep an eye on the building materials and the quality of the work they offer. The fencing must be done to the finish, the turf is in place requiring low maintenance, water features must be intact, the landscaping elements must be evergreen. Choose the best expert who delivers the best, worth the money you spend!

Check on your Budget:

No matter what you want your landscape to look like, the budget can be a constraint. Before you let the garden expert intervene in your space check the budget you can spend to enhance your garden. 

 Not every company charges the same!

Classic, natural, or modern landscape, choose wisely:

Pick the best garden expert to style your home’s landscape. No matter, if you like classic, natural, or modern, take the advice, shop around and let your expert do the rest!

With a little bit of wise advice from the garden experts, you can obtain the look and feel of your garden as you desire. 

Some right choices and you are there, Veer Constructions makes the best plans for you, delivers the best landscape construction services, it’s affordable, delivers services on time, and is the perfect choice for you!

Get in touch with us and make your dream garden landscape a reality.  

Landscaping and Garden Construction Services

Try Landscaping and Garden Construction services in this season!

Are you not satisfied with your garden landscape?  Not a problem anymore, Veer Constructions brings the best landscaping and garden construction services for you. We cover all the major services to be added to your landscape from turfs, concreting, fencing to the gorgeous landscape designs.

Make a difference this season by making small little efforts to make your garden look more mesmerizing!

Whether it is a small garden, or a large one you can always create a beautiful landscape by adding small little features to it. Let’s see what all can be added to your landscape while garden construction.

Try Plants, Flowers, Soil, and Mulches:

While we construct your garden, we make sure that we add the beautiful combination of seasonal flowers, with gorgeous color combinations to enhance the appeal of your landscape. Use of the right kind of soil, keeping in mind the climatic changes can really make a difference to your garden this season!

Add Decking and Fencing:

Installing a mindful fence around your garden is a bliss. It not only protects your flowers but also builds a sense of privacy to your garden. Having a new deck in your garden can create a lovely place for you to sit and enjoy with your family.

Lay a Concrete pathway:

A concrete pathway can add detail to your landscape just the way you want. A stoned walkway at the entrance can make your garden look complete. You can even enjoy the evening stroll right in your garden with your furry ones!

Include the Pergolas:

O yes, they are a gorgeous addition to your garden area. We have the best building materials to build the best complementing pergolas as per the exterior of your home. You can always decorate it with wines, lights and much more. Landscape construction is surely a task, but we do it with zeal!

Plan and go on:

We plan and then start installing the features to your garden. To deliver the best landscape and garden construction services we first look around all the aspects, plan and then start making the difference. Veer construction has been serving homeowners for long and we make it a point to do the work as they desire.

Landscaping and garden construction is much more than what homeowners think. Our garden experts are updated with the recent trends and bring your landscape dream into reality. So, contact us for building the best landscape in your garden here in Melbourne!

Installing fencing

5 tips to consider before installing fencing in your yard!

Fencing is fabulous! Creating a modern feel with the wooden slats can give a clean and natural touch to your garden, and our garden construction experts know it all!  Installing a fence in your yard can protect the beauty of your garden.
It is a creative task, but you need to consider certain factors before you go for the fence.

Let’s explore some of them:

Observe the Landscaping of your yard:

Before you finalize the look of how and where your fence should be installed observe the landscaping of your yard closely. The area covered with the mulches, flowers & the plants grown and some which would grow in the future should not be harmed with the fence. It’s to protect the plants not to destroy them, so be careful!

Know the reason, why fencing?

Yes, it is a critical question to ask before you call the garden experts for your new fencing. Are you doing this to protect your dog, or to protect the flowers and the plants or to define the landscape of your yard or just because you love some privacy? It will be the deciding factor of the height, the building materials, and the area of the fencing. If for privacy choose a tall wooden fence, otherwise small can also work!

Plan the gates of the fence wisely:

Your fence must have at least two gates so measure the area and wisely choose the entrance and the exit gate of your fence. It should not be complicated but creative! Leave the rest at us.

Choose the right material & the budget:

There are a lot of materials available for building the fence. Don’t just see and fall. Look at the budget you can spare, educate yourself and get the best. Ask for some help from the garden specialists to make the correct choice within your budget. FYI, wooden fencing is what most homeowners prefer! 

Don’t forget to access the climate:

Certain materials, used in building fences may not suit different climatic conditions. So before finalizing the materials access the climate, think realistically, and pick the one which will serve your fencing purpose in a good shape in all the climatic conditions of your area. Fencing, if done right can enhance the look of your house and yard. It can define how your landscape looks. It can really create a space to chill around in your yard with the pets, the blooming flowers, and the family in the evenings.
Our garden experts can match your expectations and build what you exactly need.

Landscape maintenance tips

Landscape Maintenance tips that will match your budget

Who wouldn’t want to spend evenings sitting in a beautiful landscape? Your personal yard’s landscape can look gorgeous without spending a lot of bucks. We have some simple ideas that can add a lot more value to your yard. Don’t fear to transform your garden as your vision, it is possible to make huge differences with small little additions. Landscape maintenance is more of color compatibility-green with the turf, brown with the soil and fencing, a rainbow with the flowers, & glittery with the lights on the pergolas.

Let’s take a look at some low budget landscape maintenance tips:

Don’t make an impulsive decision: 

When it’s about the maintenance of your favorite area you must look around the space, consider all the landscape maintenance options and then go for the one which is the best for your pocket as well as your yard. Consider the combination- the mulches & flowers, pebbles, fencing, and much more.

Choose the native seeds and save the extras:  

As it is said, “be local” don’t choose the plants which are not native. They require more care and supplements which are expensive and need research. So, try and include more native flowers & plants while maintaining your landscape which looks stunning and does not require special treatment. If some seeds are left save them for the next time! Why waste, guys.

Be practical when you pick the turf: 

Maintaining a beautiful landscape is incomplete without greenery. For small patches opt for the installation of artificial turf. No effort is required to maintain this turf. It looks perfect and gives a better finish. Save the amount spent on maintaining the artificial turf.

Include some fancy water features:

Yes, adding fancy water features can bring a lively vibe to your landscape. There are a lot of options with which you can add a vibrant touch to your landscape. We have a range of water features available for a serene look of your yard.

Add concrete pathways:

Creating concrete path walks around your landscape with the stone walks, bricks add detail to the landscape of your yard. Concrete walkways are a welcome addition to your garden. Consider a walkway near the entrance for an extra-ordinary look.

Maintaining your landscape with a low budget is not a difficult task, it’s just being a little more creative and look for some alternatives. You just need to set a budget and start exploring. Our landscape consultants can help you to build an attractive place to flaunt and chill in!

Artificial Turf and Natural Turf Services

Protect your yard with the top Turf services in Melbourne!

Veer Constructions is helping homeowners in Melbourne with exclusive artificial and natural turf services to build their landscape design dreams. We have been in this business for a long and serving our clients with the best building materials when it comes to beautifying landscape.

“TURF” installation is something that can really transform the look of your garden space. Either natural or artificial, turf is the essence of a beautiful landscape. Nowadays people prefer installing artificial turfs inside the home as well.

So, let us explore how natural or artificial turf can be used.

Easy to maintain :

If you are working all day and do not have time to maintain your residential lawn then yes, artificial turf is the best solution. So, go for artificial turf if you want an all-year green look of your landscape. Natural turf is the best fit if you can spare time and a little extra amount for the maintenance of your garden area.

Creative Landscape Lawn Designs:

Our landscape designers can create a dream yard for you i.e., the creative landscape designs, we add the necessary elements like rocks and sand for the perfect touch. If you are planning for yard art, then artificial turf is the best. It can be installed according to the area available between the elements you add. And, for a pre-planned landscape, you can always go for natural turf because the natural grass will take time to grow to the size you want. 

Eliminate Chemicals from your landscaping design:

Artificial or synthetic turf has a lot of advantages, if you want to keep your garden away from fertilizers and pesticides than artificial turf is your savior for your landscaping design. It also supports you if you go green and want to save water. And if you are a fan of natural grass then be practical and get a pack of pesticides and fertilizers for protecting the beauty of your garden.

Perfect match for the landscape borders:

Maintaining the borders of your landscape is not an easy task. It is the area which is most prone to getting untidy. Artificial turf protects against the weeds in the landscape borders. Also, artificial turf does not grow so no need to worry about the upkeep of the corners. If you have a simple garden design with concrete borders, then natural grass is a thumbs up.

Reduce your spending on the lawn:

Synthetic grass will allow you to save money over time with the expenses of conservation. It is mostly a one-time investment when you install the turf. Instead, you can use your resources to beautify your live plants. And for the natural grass, it has its beauty and requires more bugs to spend on it.

If you are planning to install turf, consider your priorities, and then make a choice. In the end, it is you who will invest time to maintain the look of your yard forever!

Well Planned house is a key to the good environment

You tend to feel calmer when things are organized and sustainable!

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a significant decision criterion in buying behavior. With a planned/maintained home, builders are all set to infuse the love for the color “green” a little more. Nowadays properties are developed with smart techniques to increase footprints and contribute our bit to nature every passing day.

In the era of research and development, revolutionary technology to replace fossil-based components with renewable materials is now possible. Protection of the environment, in which we live and breathe, is the need of the hour. A rapid increase in the population and industrialization have adversely damaged the environment by making certain resources to degrade. We are the ones responsible for the damage and we are the ones who can make a difference.

Eco-friendly homes not only save the environment but also allow you to save those extra dollars spent on paying the electricity bills. Installation of solar panels can save tones of electricity and achieve ultra-low energy use. Architects can use various techniques to reduce the energy needs of buildings and increase their ability to generate their energy.

Usage of recycled steel causes less environmental impact, bamboo has great tensile strength so it can be used for flooring- being sustainable, bamboo grows fast, precast concrete is much more Eco-friendly than the concrete poured at sites, straw bales can be placed at ceilings to maintain cooler temperatures in summers and warmer temperatures in winters- these can be harvested and replanted easily. If you are planning to build your house, bingo! Include these Eco-friendly accessories and contribute to the change!

Living in a well maintained/ planned house is the ideal strategy to combat the rising environmental concerns by reducing the strain on local resources, moving towards better climatic conditions. To your surprise, the Eco-friendly home is a great deal for the homeowners and provides you an improved comfort year-round.

Think green, live green your little contributions can mean a lot.

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Lawn for the Holidays

Walking by a freshly decorated lawn, blooming flowers make you happier! A little effort and ideas could make your lawn space much more interesting. Plan the space in a way so that more space is converted to garden. You may decide on the focal point of your garden and plant a tree. Make your garden a friend that you can visit anytime.

Let’s walk through some mesmerizing ideas for that messy backyard .

1.Plants, Flowers, Soils and Mulches- The essence of a gorgeous garden are the colorful flowers swaying with the wind. Planting exotic green plants exhibits positivity! Yes, soil has a big role for your garden to bloom. Pebble free, sandy loam soil is a great match for your new friend under construction.

2.Decking- It’s the most efficient way to create interesting patterns to plant the flowers and also give different textures. Floating decks are set on the ground, these are easy to set and give a clean look to your garden.

3.Natural Turf and Artificial Turf- Garden without a turf is never complete, either it is natural or artificial it gives a serene look to your garden space. Well maintained natural turf is a perfect decor but if you are working and require a turf with less maintenance then artificial turf can cater your requirements. It requires no watering, no feeding and no mowing.

4.Concreting- Surely, a narrow concrete path in the lawn makes a perfect compatibility. Oh yes, a picture perfect spot in the backyard. Who won’t love that!

5.Fencing- Decorative fencing is a great idea to enhance the look of the backyard. Proper fencing can also protect your garden from various threats creating a deer barrier. These are a few ideas which can make your garden space gorgeous. Collect some ideas and don’t look for a beautiful garden make one!

Dress up, walk through your lawn, take those beautiful clicks and keep slaying!

Lawn Installation Company

Planting Tips: Which Type of Soil Should You Use?

Choice of the correct soil is what makes the yard look beautiful with the blooming flowers and plants of your choices!

Hot, muggy summers can bring about significant growth issues in your greenery enclosure. While summer fungus–such as the scandalous fine mildew–might not be specifically deadly to your plants, it can bring about compelling scourge that spreads quickly and quickens fall lethargy.

What’s more, if left untreated, scourge can at last murder a plant. Try not to give growth a chance to assume control over your patio nursery during an era when it ought to be in its most delightful state. You can keep your foliage. Sodden, sticky climates can make it hard to prevent organisms from developing. Be that as it may, there are a couple measures you can take to minimize the probability.

So, you might think that why emphasize so much on soil, it is mere dirt, but no soil is much more than dirt it is the composite of water, air, organic matter, and minerals that serves as the basis for your plants and flowers. You should avoid using loamy grey soils, as they have a huge amount of clay which can be harmful for the plants.

The soil here in Melbourne, lacks certain nutrients so, you know what is best? Walk up to a garden expert and implement what he has to tell you!

Maybe removal of the top layer of the soil for creating a better foundation. Once you have a great foundation, now it’s the time to do the real job. Maintain the quality of the soil, even the soil requires some pampering.

Start planting more and more plants, water the area well! Yes, soil needs some protection just like we all. So mulching can help your soil against this.

A beautiful garden can heal and feed a soul! Let your well planted garden be your therapy!

Outdoor Decking

Take advantage of a Small Yard: 5 Quick Tips

Not everyone has a large front and the backyard, but even the smallest yards have the potential to be the focal point of your home. As they say “small packets can bring big happiness.” Similarly, beautiful yards don’t have to be big.

Outdoor decking design in Melbourne is the most common accessory added in the small yards. It gives a symmetry and it doesn’t feel like your small yard is overcrowded. As your little garden grows up it feels like a mess but if proper decking designs are installed it gives your plants and flowers a
charming look. You choose the designs and let the decks do their job!

Small yard offers you some advantages over the large yards. If you have a small yard dig in and explore these advantages.

Let’s quickly walk through some tips to enjoy the advantages:

1. Easy to Manage- Undoubtedly a small yard is easier to manage. A little time spent on the backyard on the weekends can do the job. So grab the tools, plan and start cleaning the yard.

2. Easy On Dollars- Yes, with a limited landscaping budget you can do a lot. The small yard space won’t need a lot of dollars. You can buy a lot of plants, soil, flower and mulches in those dollars for your small yard.

3. Less Messy- The smaller the yard the less messy it is. But only if it is managed with the right accessories. Don’t let those heaps of leaves destroy the look of your yard.

4. Creative Look- As a smaller yard is easy to maintain so it is more convenient and easy to give it a creative look. Hanging plants, themes can give your yard a beautiful look.

5. Environmentally Beneficial- Your small space would require less use of land and resources Use of less power, less water is always a great choice and environmental friendly too.

Small yards can be transformed into attractive spaces with a few simple installations. Don’t feel low if you have a small yard. Just work on it and chill!